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A big concern for individuals, companies, organisations, and governments alike is to take precautions against the COVID-19 virus and promote safety. In many different circumstances, wearing a face mask is still recommended.
KP Pharma has a large selection of surgical and washable face masks in the UK for you to choose from. When someone is talking, coughing, or breathing whilst wearing a medical face mask, the amount of exhaled droplets and the distance they travel are both restricted.

When Should A Face Mask Be Worn?

It is also important to know when to use a face mask. The recommendations might differ. You should be aware of what applies in your region.
In general, it is advantageous to wear a mask:
● In interior public places like stores (which may not be ventilated)
● Using public transport
● In congested outdoor areas

High-Quality Disposable and Reusable Masks

Browse our selection of face masks to find one that covers both your mouth and nose. Choose between disposable face masks and face coverings that can be reused for both adults and children. Order today!

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Buy Facemask: Best Face Mask For Covid Protection UK

Browse our selection of the best masks for covid. Choose between disposable face masks and reusable face masks that can be reused for both adults and children.

Surgical/medical masks

Surgical masks are disposable face masks that can filter huge droplets created by coughing or speaking loudly nearby and feature a moisture-repellent outer layer. Just like reusable face masks, they collect droplets inhaled by the user while coughing, preventing the transmission of virus particles.

FFP respirator masks

Respirator masks, also known as “filtering facepieces” or FFP masks, are masks with a tighter fit that are meant to protect the user from inhaling bigger droplets as well as small aerosol particles. They are considered to be one of the best masks for protection from coronavirus.

Reusable & Washable Face Masks UK

A reusable and washable face mask is made of fabric-like cotton and can be used more than once. Replacement filters are available for certain models to ensure that they remain free of dirt and germs. A wide variety of masks are available in different styles, and some of them are more appealing to youngsters because of their bright colours. It is important to wash reusable face masks after each use.

How To Wear A Face Mask Properly

Regardless of the kind of face mask you choose, it is essential to know how to use it correctly:

  • Wash your hands before putting on or removing the mask
  • Make certain that the mask completely covers your nose and mouth
  • While wearing the mask, avoid touching it
  • Do not reuse disposable masks
  • After each usage, wash reusable masks in hot water with detergent.

Buy Best Face Masks In UK From KP Pharma

Looking for a disposable FFP2/KN85 or reusable face mask in the UK? Browse the KP Pharma range, where you’ll find the best masks for covid to suit everyone. We offer:

  • Best reusable face mask for child
  • Best breathable face mask for adult
  • Best face masks for travel

Our primary goal is to ensure the well-being and safety of the whole family. Have a look at some of our other products as well, like sanitisers, covid antigen test kits, gowns, and more.


What face mask should I buy?

The types of masks that provide the greatest level of protection are FFP2 or N95 respirators, followed by surgical masks designed for medical use. If you do decide to use a mask, you should check that it is comfortable to wear over your mouth, nose, and chin and that it is able to filter out any particles that could be contaminated. KP Pharma stocks the best disposable face masks in UKOrder masks today!

Where to buy face masks?

Our extensive face mask online selection offers everything you could possibly need, whether you’re searching for a face mask with three layers, a black, colourful, and washable face mask, or a box of convenient disposable face masks, we have got you covered.

How to order face masks?

For a face mask online order, tap the basket logo next to the product you want to buy. The product page will open where you can select the pack and quantity desired. Press add to cart which will take you to your cart page. You can continue shopping or check out. Apply your coupon (if applicable). Click on proceed to checkout. You’re ready to finalise your purchase.

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